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This company has the SSL certificate used by large corporations and proving the high standard in encryption of transmitted data, so you can be sure your information is secure. And with its variety of trading options unlike any other, Titan Trade binary options became a hot-spot for new, as well as well-established traders. There is also an element of social responsibility in reporting the Titan Trade and working to recover your funds. If scam brokers were all pursued, forced to give back their ill-gotten gains, and suffered the consequences, such as losing their licenses or legal action, fewer people would try to set up fraudulent schemes. Reporting the scam and retrieving your money can be a deterrent against new scams.

  • Withdrawals of all funds that are deposited by credit card are returned to the original credit card.
  • Using the economical calendar I now know how to trade and build my account without any help.
  • A minimum deposit of $2,500 gets you the Premium Trading Account.
  • Read on for a comprehensive, unbiased review of the Titan Trade Club, and then you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth getting involved with this particular organisation.
  • The site has an address of its company which is located in Victoria Mahe Seychelles and this is proof enough that they exits.
  • High-volume traders can opt for per-share/per-contract commissions or unbundled pricing.

YOU thatsucks.com CAN NOT CALL A BROKER “TRUSTED” if you have not even tried the withdraw process. That is the number one issue with UN-regulated scam broker. You should read some of the comments on your own page. That alone will tell you that Titan Trade IS NOT a “TRUSTED” broker. One might also start to believe that the whole binary options trading platform is a money laundering front and the unsuspecting ‘trader’ is just a performance piece to avert attention.

The fees for transfers are a little larger than many other brokers. Third-rate or offshore licenses may seem satisfactory to some consumers, but they are not worth the virtual paper they are written on. These fake regulators grant licenses in exchange for fees and do not perform any inspections or deal with customers’ best place to buy neo cryptocurrency complaints. The latest TitanTrade review suggests that the company operates illegally and without a proper financial regulatory license. ForexPeaceArmy.com has advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this site and may be compensated if readers follow links and sign up.

There are several accounts to choose from at Titan Trade. Their Mini Account offers full access to their trading platform. A minimum deposit of $350 is needed to fund this account and there is no bonus. The Standard Account requires a minimum deposit of $5,000 and a 50% deposit bonus is awarded. There is $35,000 will fund the Deluxe Account and account holders receive a 75% welcome bonus for this amount. The required amount of deposit in the Platinum Account is $50,000 and the bonus is determined after the deposit is made.

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My account manager at TitanTrade succeeded in loosing my entire deposited funds in two chunk trades. He agreed on reimbursing me, but instead deposited two bonuses, which has locked me in. Hello everybody, recently I was abusing some employees from TitanTrade that they do not send my money from my TitanTrade account. Sorry TitanTrade one more time for my bad word before, now I can trust you. Have a good trading for everybody with this broker.

This is the account for those who would like the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform and have not traded binary options before. It comes with a meeting with a personal broker to assess your trading goals, full access to the trading platform, a copy of the Titan Trade e-book, and a twenty percent bonus on your first deposit. As mentioned above, another important factor is the amount of training and education provided by the broker. Most brokers have online educational programs for their traders.

Binary Options Education

High assets turnover of the company allows each year to equip the trading platform with the latest technology out of the competition, together with specialists in the financial markets from different industries. In addition to the professionals who accompany traders, Titan Trade binary options provide new social trading methods, which allow traders to help each other in the development of trades. There are some extra features to this platform that help it to stand out from the rest. I almost missed it, they don’t really advertise it, but if you look at the platform just above where the chart is you will see a series of numbers and letters that allow you to adjust the chart duration. The charts are still woefully inadequate for serious trading but are a real improvement over the charting available with most binary options brokers. Others include Rollover, Double Up and Buy Me Out options.

After this they told me that David Fisher was fired. I was told to work with Michael Vinyard and instructed him to stop trading on the account. Again, I was ignored and they proceeded to lose a further $ in two more trades. Regional or country funds invest principally in companies located in a particular geographical region, such as Asia or Europe, or in a single country.

Titan Trade Binary Options

My broker opened and transferred all my deposit to another trading platform called Pro Active Trader which is an FX trading platform. Currently the balance looks so healthy but still have reservation how much is real time profit to paper profit. So far I was able to benefit the profit of USD10,000. But now my broker is asking me to deposit more money to he can put me into contract to protect my account when the market goes on the downside. Have not done this and now reading the tons of negative comments I am so afraid that I might lose all my money. You can get the Micro/Test Account with a minimum deposit of $500.

Some funds invest only in emerging markets while others concentrate on developed markets. Who are not registered with the SEC to call you and solicit your investment. Global funds invest primarily in companies outside the U.S., but may also invest in U.S. companies with international operations. This application form will require you to provide some information about yourself and your finances, as well as ask you to make certain decisions about your account. Brokers use this information for several purposes, including learning about you and your financial needs and meeting certain regulatory obligations.

Titan Are Scammers, Pure And Simple

This is the second time someone from titan trade has rung up shouting at me over the phone. Kevin Wilson – the 3rd “account manager” i have had, rings me up trying to get me to put More money into my account and get VIP trades.. Accpunt globex360 manager who said he is senior broker with 95% success rate zeroed my account in 2 rading section. He lost 4,500 on first trading section and 4,000 on the second day. We agreed over a week ago that binary trading is not for me.

Who Is Titan Trade Club?

To satisfy customers, they have committed to client success by presenting them with the latest tools available in the industry. They also keep all client information securely encrypted in their system. Titan Trade seems legit despite of its being a newbie in the market. But there because it’s also new, there is a why is bitcoin price dropping bigger room for speculation here. For now, you can say that it is very transparent and that there services are readily and easily available for any trader looking for a reliable broker. The site has an address of its company which is located in Victoria Mahe Seychelles and this is proof enough that they exits.

“Even the best hedge fund in the world is only going to send you a PDF every 90 days,” Percoco explains. But Titan doesn’t want you nervously checking your portfolio non-stop. “Our median user checks the app once per day.” That seems like a healthy balance between awareness and sanity. It thinks its education and informative push notifications make it worth a higher required investment and fees than Wealthfront charges.

Disregard the negative things your friends or peers think or say about the Titan.Titans are bad@ss,and get up and go quicker than Chevy’s 5.3,and Ford 5.4 and have alot of space and leg room in the Crew Cab models. With its preview mode, mobile-app users can create custom watch lists, and view charts and trends without opening an account. cryptominer Roundup of the best crypto exchanges and platforms, which compares TradeStation against pure-play crypto brokers such as Gemini and Coinbase. “Those are two very powerful forces.” Since TechCrunch broke the news of Titan’s launch in August, it’s doubled its assets under management to $20 million and hired its first non-founder engineer.

The amount investor STEFFAN ANTEN is irrevocable guaranty eligible to receive from the commodities profit sharing contribution (40%) $37,936 GBP. Additionally TRADES PRIME TOUCH TRADE also known as TITAN TRADES INC TRADING SIGNALS FOREX is guarantee payout eligibility to receive from the commodities profit sharing contribution $37,936 GBP. This Profit Sharing Agreement upon the completion of the pending fee of $4,607.00 USD. The Firms Terms and Conditions of your account were provided depending on the account you creating with the firm.

What about complaints on Titan Trade scam, some of them seems to be the result of misunderstanding arising from the user, but not a TitanTrade fault. Other negative reviews, seem to include slander and malicious provocation on the part of competitors. People generally complain of long waiting for support answer, or that they can not withdraw money. However, we should note one issue in this TitanTrade review – this provider doesn’t have any regulatory license. Despite it is registered in London, it is not regulated yet, so many traders raise the question of Titan Trade scam just because such a reason. TitanTrade is a professional international platform for digital options trading.


Oil, EUR/USD, gold, and a variety of other indices, stocks, commodities, and forex are involved in binary options. With Titan Trade’s innovative platform, traders can invest on various options seamlessly and effortlessly. Everything that you need to start trading is right in front of you – live financial news, timely market reports and past expiries – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for the various links.

The trader can buy an option, which will be closed in just 1 minute after opening. 60 seconds options have a relatively low profitability (75%), but they are very popular among traders because it is very simple and you can quickly learn the loyalty of its forecast. In this Titantrade review, you will be able to see for yourself the pros and cons of this firm and ways to receive its high-quality services.

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